San Bernardino Newspaper Showcases ‘SB Strong’ Spirit

A front page filled with civic pride.

The front page of today’s San Bernardino Sun features a local teacher, policeman, seniors and others. All nine residents are proudly wearing a T-shirt that reads ‘SB Strong 12.02.2015.’


As Beau Yarbrough reported for the paper in the immediate aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, the “SB Strong” logo was created by graphic designer Juan Garcia. Garcia studied at the Inland Empire campus of the Art Institute of California, which is adjacent to the site of the attacks. From that Dec. 5 article:

Garcia’s SB Strong logo really hit the big time when it was prominently featured at the vigil at San Manuel Stadium.

“Thursday morning, we found out we were going to have the vigil,” said Joe Hudson, general manager of the Inland Empire 66ers minor league baseball team, which calls the stadium home. “We thought this could be something we could use internally in the stadium to represent strength in the community.”

Garcia had no idea in advance that his logo was going to be used in the vigil, but was delighted when he learned that it was.

The Sun has compiled an extensive online section about the attacks. At press time, the site’s most viewed item details the decision of one family of a Dec. 2 terror attack victim to file a $204 million lawsuit against the county.