SoCal Journalists Bemoan #SanBernadino Misspelling

Social media drops the second "R."

SanBernadinoHashtagThe L.A. Times was all over a minor aspect of yesterday’s San Bernardino mass shooting. The misspelling of the city where the events occurred.

The omission of the second “R” from San Bernardino is actually something that occurs frequently when the city is mentioned in the media. L.A. Times data reporter Taylor Goldenstein noted Wednesday that the wrong hashtag had been shared 330,000 times (it’s now up to 526,000), while the paper’s opinion section went with an over-the-top headline for a post by editorial writer Mariel Garza. The item is headlined “San Bernardino Is Also a Victim in This Mass Shooting:”

As I write this, we don’t know yet the names of the victims of today’s mass shooting in the Inland Empire, only that there were at least 31 of them – 14 killed and 17 wounded.

Well, that’s not true. We know the name of at least one victim: San Bernardino.

Another reporter who was quick to point out the San Bernardino mislabeling was KFI AM 640 morning news anchor Aron Bender. Only to then have folks quickly reply that his own radio station had hashtagged without the proper, second “R.” As did initially a number of local L.A. TV stations.

San Bernardino was named in 1810 by Franciscan missionary and priest Francisco Dumetz.

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