Putting Samuel L. Jackson’s Siri Ad to the Test

Boston-based comedian Paul Kafasis has shared a very funny post on his blog One Foot Tsunami. After endlessly watching the “Date Night” TV ad in which Samuel L. Jackson works with Siri to prepare a romantic evening of gazpacho consumption, he decided to cook up a real-world test.

It was bad enough when Kafasis articulated to Siri the words, “Remind me to put the gazpacho on ice in an hour.” But things got really dicey when he then used a recording of Jackson mouthing the dialogue. Kafasis’ Siri responded with:

– Call Mirium Booksbaum
– Call Anna-Genelle Harev
– Call Ron Ridenhour

I can’t imagine why these all turned into phone calls, but it’s especially amusing to know that all of the above names are actually combinations of my various contacts invented by Siri, not real people.

So is the slick, Beverly Hills kitchen Apple ad false advertising? Perhaps. Either that or Jackson has some sort of A-list access to an improved, beta iteration of the iPhone virtual assistant. Up next in Apple’s celebrity ad campaign is John Malkovich.

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