Samsung Shows Off Soccer Skills in Top Viral Ad

FIFA stars take on the Galaxy

The World Cup is less than a month away, and brands are trying to get people pumped for the event, despite the U.S. team being stuck in the "Group of Death."

Samsung Mobile's ad for the Galaxy S5 features a futuristic fictitious team called the Galaxy 11 made up of real soccer all-stars like Argentina's Lionel Messi, England's Wayne Rooney and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo. The video shows the squad training to battle the galaxy in order to save the world. (Does that mean that the universal language is not love, but soccer?) The video has been viewed 21.3 million times since it was uploaded on May 13.

Sneaking in at No. 10 is Free People's much maligned spot for FP Movement Ballet. Real ballerinas took issue with the model's poor form and techinque, going so far to say she was "genuinely offensive." The negative backlash has led to the video being watched 690,000 times since it was uploaded on May 12.

Here's the entire top 10 list of branded videos for this week, courtesy of VidIQ:

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