Ryan Grim Throws In The Towel

With 41 minutes to go in our Rising Star competition, Ryan Grim thinks that the finish line is just too far off.

From Arthur Delaney, chairman of The Committee to Elect Ryan Grim (also a nominee):

    From: Arthur Delaney
    Date: Feb 12, 2007 4:08 PM
    Subject: Grim Concession letter
    To: Ryan Grim

    Ryan Grim would like to thank all the Americans who voted for him as top “rising star” in the world of Washington, D.C. journalism. We have reviewed exit polling data and feel it is unlikely we will make up the 50,000 votes needed by 5:00 today. Therefore, Grim would like to congratulate those whose stars have been deemed most-rising by their peers. Most importantly, Grim would like to thank God for blessing him with the opportunity to swim in the same fishbowl as people like Howard Kurtz and Dana Milbank. Also, Grim thanks his wife for always being by his side in these trying times.

    Arthur Delaney
    The Committee to Elect Ryan Grim