Russert’s Biggest Enemy

Every week, Tim Russert is judged on his ability to make the powerful sweat. And there’s one man doing his best to make Russert’s job more and more difficult: Adam Levine. Washington Whispers digs up some info on the anti-Russert:

    Meet the GOP’s Meet the Press Guy

    There’s a new Tim Russert in town making sport of grilling Republicans–and they like it! Getting ready for the 2006 midterm elections, the GOP has started media training of House and Senate members to help them navigate TV minefields. They’ve turned to Adam Levine, a former Bushie who prepped top aides like Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld for Sunday talk shows. “It’s going to be a tough election year,” says Levine, “and the goal is to get everybody TV ready.” A former Democrat who worked in TV– Hardball and The McLaughlin Group–before joining the Bush team, Levine is considered the best at his trade. “He’s the go-to coach for Sunday show prep,” says Dan Senor, the former U.S. spokesman in Iraq. “He’s got the Tim Russert thing down,” added a top GOP official. Democrats seem jealous–they want their own Levine.

Now if, according to Arianna, someone could at least start prepping Russert on asking tough questions.