Rush Limbaugh’s Bro Takes a Beating

Rush Limbaugh has become a punching bag over the past week after he called a third-year Georgetown law student a “slut.” But now his brother, David, a nationally syndicated columnist and a lawyer,  is also taking his lumps online from strangers who want to relieve their tensions by taking a bite out of him. Some are wishing him death. Others, suicide. Still others just want to remind him that he’s “well-fed” and riding his brother’s coattails and would otherwise be an average idiot.

Because isn’t that the thing to do these days — lash out at complete strangers? In response, David is profusely thanking the Twitter gods for a certain feature: “Thank you Gods of twitter — I know you are a pantheon of gods. Thank you thank you for the BLOCK feature. Thank you.”

Limbaugh replied to our messages on email and said he’d talk off record. But then he phoned (he said as a courtesy) and infuriatingly proceeded not to say anything off the record, on record or between the record. He wanted to know if FishbowlDC was conservative or liberal. He said he didn’t want to become the story. A little late for that, huh?

As Slutgate continues to reverberate around the country, some might think David has it coming since he hasn’t exactly been shy on the matter. “You’ll have to excuse me, but Obama has enormously little credibility to criticize anyone for insulting people,” he wrote earlier in the week on Twitter. “It’s his stock in trade.”

David does appear to care about the hate gusting his direction as he expresses immense gratitude to supporters (and we’re talking the ones with the really idiotic Twitter handles) and uses that block button. “And there is no pacifying them either,” he wrote. “It does not work to kill them with kindness. I’ve tried over and over. Very odd.” He added, “I’d be embarrassed to say the things these people say to mortal enemies. They are like 5 year olds with verbal nuclear weapons.”

But Limbaugh says he is no victim. “I don’t feel victimized by my timeline today but I do think it is amazing,” he wrote. “When U get on their radar U can’t believe the nastiness. Surreal.” He explained to his followers, “I am not RT’ing the haters death wishes for us bc they contain the MF words and other vile ones. But u may see on my timeline if you choose.”

To be sure, David can’t always maintain his gentlemanly demeanor. When MSNBCWatch suggested that Rush take the rest of the year off, he replied simply, “Ass.”

See samples of hate…

While few support what Limbaugh did, to unleash an attack on David Limbaugh just seems gratuitous and bears all the intelligence of wild goats. Who’s next? Rush’s second cousin? His aunt?

A sampling

  • “You are a great brother, but an awful American.”
  • “If your brother wasn’t famous, you’d be a janitor. You’re a hack, a terrible writer, and probably a terrible person.”
  • “You’re both sad frauds.”
  • “It’s sad the way you pretend you can be any kind of underdog, you well-fed clown. Gwan Jump out the Overton Window.”
  • “I talking the statement you just gave. Do you read what u write? U accuse liberals of projection rather than deal w/ critique.” (Apparently this one clearly reads what she writes.)
  • “See its crap like that making liberals come to the conclusion that you people are just mean spirited.”