Rush Limbaugh Lacks A Candidate To Support


Rush Limbaugh, broadcasting from his flagship station, WABC, for the week, is still not backing Senator John McCain. Limbaugh, at the height of his cultural relevance, also made this week’s ”There Will Be Blood” Newsweek cover. From The New York Times:

”Limbaugh has also seized on the ascension of McCain to remind the world that his nationally syndicated program still matters and that he has not lost his long-demonstrated penchant for making mischief.

”While other conservative commentators like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have expressed similar reservations about McCain, neither can claim the reach of Limbaugh. El Rushbo, as he often calls himself, is heard on more than 600 stations and, according to the industry arbiter Talkers Magazine, has the largest talk-show audience in the United States.”

(image via pr.newscom)