Running With Arnold, Officially The Most Talked-About Non-Movie We’ve Never Seen

arniealec.jpgMark Ebner offers his take (and some inside scoop) on the Alec Baldwin blow-out over the Dan Cox documentary Running with Arnold.

And Ebner, being Ebner, couldn’t resist taking a shot at the Huffington Post:

“Leave it to the ill-advised blog that brings you Gulfstream Laurie David’s global warming rants, day old Comedy Central videos and completely fabricated George Clooney blogs to publish mouthy liberal actor Alec Baldwin’s lame pre-emptive defense of his inexcusable failure to honor a contract.”

If we ever get to see this film (hint, hint, Mr. Cox), we’ll tell you what we think. In the meantime, Bill O’Reilly apparently saw it and called it a “hatchet job.” And if O’Reilly hates it, you know it’s good.