Rudy Giuliani: Now Advertising In Spanish


Rudy Giuliani has made a big deal out of his new, tough-on-illegal immigration stance. But with his campaign faltering, Giuliani decided to try a different tact.

For Florida, with its large Hispanic population and upcoming primary, Giuliani is unveiling Spanish-language advertisements.

In New Hampshire, Giuliani finished a distant third in the Republican primary with just 10 percent of the vote — tied with Ron Paul.

After the jump, the full script of the commercial with translation, as provided by

Voice Over: “El Presidente Reagan deposito su confianza en el para combatir el crimen.”

English Translation: “President Reagan trusted him to combat crime.”

Voice Over: “Nueva York lo eligio su alcalde cuando esa ciudad se veía perdida.”

English Translation: “New York elected him mayor when the city seemed doomed (lost).”

Voice Over: “Rudy Giuliani. Redujo el crimen.”

English Translation: “Rudy Giuliani. He cut down on crime.”

Voice Over: “Rebajo los impuestos.”

English Translation: “He lowered taxes.”

Voice Over: “Creo nuevos empleos y recorto la burocracia.”

English Translation: “He created new jobs and slashed bureaucracy.”

Voice Over: “Se pudo en Nueva York y se puede en Washington. Rudy Giuliani: Experiencia, Resultado, Liderazgo.”

English Translation: “It was done in New York. It can be done in Washington. Rudy Giuliani: Experience, Results, Leadership.”

Mayor Giuliani: “Soy Rudy Giuliani y apruebo este mensaje.”

English Translation: “I’m Rudy Giuliani and I approved this message.”