TVNewser is all over last night’s dinner for the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation.

Also get up to speed on the decision by John Edwards to skip the FOX-sponsored debate in Nevada.

The Nevada Democratic Party’s response is reprinted when you click below…

    CONTACT: Liz Foley

    March 8, 2007 Chairwoman,

    Clark County Democrats

    We, the undersigned, appreciate the efforts State Democratic Party Chairman Tom Collins has made to address concerns regarding the August presidential debate in Reno, NV. We believe the latest proposal is reasonable and addresses most of the concerns raised by MOVEON and others.

    Not all of us originally supported the idea of working with FOX, but many of us did because we know that a significant number of Nevadans – including Democrats – watch the network, and we want to use the opportunity of our early caucus to reach out to those viewers.

    We all want to work together to unify our party, move forward and address the pressing issues that all Nevadans and Americans grapple with each and every day. Ultimately, that’s the reason why we are all Democrats and why we care so passionately about the Nevada caucus.

    We look forward to the August debate, when the Democratic presidential candidates will have the opportunity to reach out to voters in Northern Nevada and throughout the West as we focus on Western issues.

    We pledge to do everything we can to ensure this debate is a success.


    Chris Wicker, Washoe County Democratic Chairman

    Liz Foley, Clark County Democratic Chairwoman

    Cindy Trigg, Douglas County Democratic Co-Chairwoman

    Lance Whitney, chair, Elko Democratic Party

    Kristian Forland, vice chair, Elko Democratic Party

    Ron Hibble, Lincoln County Democratic Chairman

    Teresa Williams, Chair, Lyon County Democratic Central Committee

    Loyal Watkins, Nye County Democratic Chairman

    Teresa Benitez Thompson, First Vice Chair

    Bud Orange, 2nd Vice Chairman and Douglas County Democratic Chairman

    A’shanti Fayshel Gholar, Secretary

    Tom Carns, Clark At-large Executive Board member

    Greg Esposito, Clark At-large Executive Board member

    Bonnie Jacobs, Clark At-large Executive Board member

    Steve Fernlund, Clark At-large Executive Board member

    Jack Mallory, Clark At-large Executive Board member

    Anita Hara, Washoe County At-large Executive Board member

    Mathew J. Dickson, Washoe County At-Large Executive Board Member/Treasurer Washoe County Democratic Party

    Jo Ann Orange, Rural At-large Executive Board member

    Ed Goodrich, Washoe County At-large Executive Board member