Royal Paparazzi Restrictions Set For Friday

LA Paparazzi attempting to score pics of the Prince William and his new wife Kate are being warned they could be arrested, reports the LA Times:

The Los Angeles Police Department has secured no-trespassing letters from residents who live in seven homes around the June Street residence where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend the night.

Those who live around the British consul general’s residence have also signed keep-away orders, giving officers free rein to arrest prying paparazzi on the spot if they try to capture images of the royals while on private property.

The royal newlyweds, incidentally, will pay a visit to Skid Row while they’re here–which should, but probably won’t, shame the approximately 95 percent of Angelenos who are too afraid/bourgeois to see it for themselves. The royal couple will also attend an event hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts–which the prince is apparently president of–at the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Lot of Easterly love from royals this trip. They do realize it’s summer, don’t they?