Royal Baby Headlines: The Good, The Bad, The Best

Royal Baby fever swept the world yesterday, and no, it’s not another mad cow disease or Black Plague-type epidemic spreading from the U.K., though it’s arguably more infectious.

Instead, the world’s media, and much of the media here in Washington, suffered from a case of giddy excitement over a birth happening halfway around the world, and the symptoms included some interesting headline choices.

We waded through the net to find the good and the bad of Royal Baby headlines. Here’s what we came up with.


The Good

“Kate Middleton Finally Gives Birth,” The Daily Caller: Not that this is particularly compelling, but it stands out in comparison with most of the day’s headlines and most of Daily Caller’s normally more flamboyant headlines.

“‘It’s a Boy’ Goes Around The World” WaPo: It announced the birth, but also reflected the widespread craze of coverage of media from nearly every corner of the planet.

“Did we put the royal baby story up top? But of course.,” Rare: Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a much-appreciated departure from the stale headlines found elsewhere around the Internet.

“Oh Boy! One’s a Grandpa,” Daily Mail: Accompanied by a photo of Prince Charles, the Daily Mail worked in a play on words and offered a different take than most publications.

“Born To Rule,” I: This British tabloid stated something important: upon his birth, the Royal Baby put himself in line to one day assume the throne.

“Our Little Prince,” Daily Mirror: Over a photo of Prince William and Kate, this is just a feel-good headline and broke from the mold of “It’s a Boy!”

The Bad

“Boy King,” HuffPost: As we said yesterday, the newborn is, in fact, not a king. Rather, he is third in line.

“Hey Baby,” HuffPost: Are they even trying anymore?

“The Royal Baby Has Revealed Himself,” The Atlantic Wire: This is neither catchy, compelling or any other flattering adjective. Not to mention that he didn’t just walk out of the hospital and reveal himself, his parents took care of the revealing.

Prince William and His Wife, Kate, Show Off Newborn Royal Baby Boy,” TWT: One second, I need to catch my breath after reading that unnecessarily long-ass headline. There’s no need to specify who Kate is. She’s arguably more famous than her husband. The whole thing is as dry as Detroit’s bank account.

“After Royal Baby, What’s Next For Will and Kate?” USA Today: No, USA Today, you stop that. Let’s cool it on the Royal Family coverage while we can, before someone else gets married or pregnant.


The Best

Well, there is no actual headline here, but the British tabloid The Sun changed its name for the day to The Son and ran a photo of the birth announcement on the cover. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Well, American media, you tried. While some headlines from European media were sub-par, we found a majority of the best headlines across the pond. We added a few American publications to the “Good” list to prove we’re not Royalists, but this is also probably an event that should have been left mostly to European media.