Rolling Stone Gets Boost from TBS and TNT’s Terrible Shows

The next issue of Rolling Stone will be bigger (10 by 11 3/4 inches, up from 8 by 11 inches) and jam packed with advertising from TBS and TNT. According to The New York Times, the magazine’s “Big Issue,” will feature Metallica on the cover and 14 ads from the two networks inside, along with other pop culture focused content.

If (unfortunately) you’ve seen any TBS or TNT programs, you understand why they decided to take over Rolling Stone. Their shows are so terrible that they make you wonder if they’re actually meant to be parodies, and you somehow missed that. In fact, the only reason we ever watched “Franklin & Bash” is because we have an irrational dedication to Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s career. If Rolling Stone readers see ads for the subpar shows splattered everywhere, maybe they’ll be fooled into tuning in at some point. It’s a stretch, but probably worth the try.

It’s a risky strategy for Rolling Stone, too. The magazine is supposed to be cool; a revamped “Dallas” is not cool. But ads sell magazines, so this is what happens. Cross your fingers that it works out for the title. And maybe cross your fingers that Gosselaar becomes the next James Bond. It could happen dammit!

[Picture via The New York Times]