Roll Callers React to Editor Resigning

For much of the day we’re going to keep this space open to Roll Call employees who wish to react publicly (with or without their names attached) to the news today of Editor Charle Mitchell’s resignation. If you wish to contribute, write to us at or send to me at

1.  “Personally I’m pretty surprised and saddened. I like Charlie a lot and he’s done a yeoman’s job of keeping things together during an exceptionally hectic year. Will be interested to see what my colleagues think though. I’m sure there are others who see things differently. Definitely did not see this coming. “

2.  “Terrible move, CQ overlords. Mitchell = 1st rate editor, world class human.” — former Roll Call reporter Tory NewMyer in a Tweet today. NewMyer is now at Fortune Magazine.

3. From a CQ-Roll Call employee: “Quite a blow for us and definitely didn’t see this coming. Would love to know where he’s going.”

4. From Anonymous: “Charlie Mitchell is a great guy and hard worker but no one is saying the CQ-Roll Call is a great place to work so I am not surprised by his departure. Curious to see if he ends up at Bloomberg with everyone else.”

5. From WaPo’s Paul Kane, who worked at Roll Call between 2000 and 2006: “Charlie’s first day at 50 F St was my second to last day, as his hiring announcement and my departure announcement came at roughly the same time, Christmas-ish 2006
‘PK, I always wanted to work with you, this is going to be great … Charlie, this is gonna be the best two or three damn days ever.’ In nearly 7 years there, my only Roll Call regret was not getting to work with Charlie more. “