Roll Call WH Beat Goes to Bendery

We’re certain Jen Bendery will not miss her White House pool duty, as happened by mistake last week when her publication (NOT HER) went all Seasonique on Bloomberg’s Ed Chen by forgetting to show for Pool duty. Chen then went a little emotionally postal on Roll Call.

Last week Bendery said the White House post was just in the “interim”. Today Editor Charlie Mitchell made it official and sent an announcement to staff today giving Bendery the title.

All the best to Bendery in her new position.
Please note: It was not Bendery’s fault that Pool duty was missed. Keith Koffler was supposed to be on the schedule, but has since left the publication.

See Mitchell’s internal memo after the jump…

From Charlie Mitchell:

“I am pleased to announce that Jennifer Bendery will be taking over the White House beat for Roll Call. Jen has been an outstanding performer on our House leadership team since coming over from Gallery Watch nearly three years ago. Her tenacious reporting and strong sourcing on the Hill will serve her well as she moves into this demanding beat. Jen will divide her time between Capitol Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania, and focus tightly on the relationship between the Hill and White House.

“Please joining [STET] me in wishing Jen all the best in her new role.”