Roll Call Editor Starts Dust-Up Over Dust Story

A note from the Roll Call Features Editor – her name sounds achingly similar to Bebbie Druno –  to FishbowlDC late Monday:

“Fishbowl clearly likes to pick on Roll Call when it has nothing else in the works. Betsy Rothstein clearly has no clear sense of the difference between “news” and a feature story. But then again, why would she?”

Memo to Druno: You’re so right. People in Washington (and around the world, for that matter) are dyyyying to read about dust at the National Postal Museum. It’s a compelling feature and the story will gather no dust. Your keen eye for features is blinding. When the dust settles, I think every Monday should be a day to dust off our copies of Roll Call’s “Around the Hill” and see what must-read features you have to offer. P.S. I’m glad you decided to not make this personal. I wouldn’t want our camaraderie to bite the dust.

Update: Bebbie had more to say. She writes in, “What are you, in eighth grade? You make fun of someone’s name? That’s the best you’ve got? Oh, right, all the jokes about dust. At least we understand the difference between its and it’s.”

Memo #2 to Druno: Bebbie, I’m coughing up dust balls reading your sharp e-mails. I stand by my original point – that this is the type of story one would see only in Washington. The reporter wrote what she had to deal with – um, dust – just fine. It’s (stands for it is) the topic I was criticizing. And actually, I think an eighth grader could have come up with a better story idea than the one you cleared for print. What have you got  against eighth graders anyway? — Yours Truly, your BFF.