Roland Martin’s Twitter Callout of David Frum Turns Into Guest Spot

Frum will try to explain his tweets on Serena Willams to Martin.

rolandmartinAtlantic senior editor David Frum will be on Roland Martin‘s show NewsOne Now this morning at 9 a.m. EST, a guest spot that was created over the weekend when a set of questionable tweets by Frum about Serena Williams following her Wimbledon victory caught Martin’s attention.

It began with a tweet that insinuated Serena Williams could be taking steroids.

It continued with a series of since-deleted tweets, saved for posterity by Twitter user @sdbcraig. Frum, as you could see below, claimed the tweets were deleted because he hadn’t intended them to be public, but stood by the content of the tweets.

Martin called Frum out on the initial tweet.

Frum proved willing to go on the record to explain his comments and accepted Martin’s challenge.

And there it is, a Twitter-facilitated guest booking. We look forward to the spot.