Rogers May Have Won, But He’s Not Very Happy About the Rest of the UK’s Buildings


Following up on our post from the other day about Richard Rogers taking home the 2007 Pritzker Award, there was this story that fell on our laps from The Scotsman newspaper. Story goes that, a few hours after receiving the award, Richards launched into some big complaints about modern British building, saying that they used to do it far better way back when. And most agree with him, including Malcolm Fraser, who said:

“Rogers is right to say we need to make cities with as much care and attention as we did in the past. But that doesn’t just mean repeating the past. We think the best thing we can do is rebuild the Victorian city, but there are issues of openness to light, and nature, and ideals of democratic gathering places.”

Though there were a few disagreements, but we’ll leave you to read the whole batch in the story itself. And if, after that, you’re still keen to get more of Rogers, here’s a cool piece over at Archidose about a really cool, un-built submarine project the designer put together in 2004.