Roger Ebert Documentary Campaign Adds Very Cool T-Shirt

The Indiegogo campaign for Life Itself, a documentary about the late Roger Ebert to be directed by Steve James, is off and running. And late last night, one of the team’s members, Kat White, shared the following illustration:

It’s by New York artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson, and will adorn the T-shirts and messenger bags that are given out to those contributing $40.

Another rather unusual aspect of the campaign is that Chaz and co. mentioned that over the years, Ebert wrote 7,202 reviews for the Sun-Times. And that each one of those will be gradually doled out as a personal thank you to donors.

The campaign organizers noted that if each of the review-gifted people donated theoretically just $20, the campaign would meet its $150,000 goal. At press time, the Indiegogo campaign has crossed the $17,000 mark. Helping greatly in that regard is the fact that the $5,000 donation tier of a private screening at Ebert’s Theater on Lake Street in Chicago, complete with private James Q&A, has already been claimed.