Colleagues Bow to One-Armed Scoop Machine Gabriel Sherman

A broken arm failed to slow down New York magazine's national affairs editor.

When New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman jumped on to the CNN airwaves Monday to chat with Brian Stelter and Brooke Baldwin about the first of several atomic Roger Ailes scoops, viewers were surprised to see the reporter’s arm in a sling. Turns out Sherman bore the injury from tripping and falling July 16 on a Cleveland sidewalk. (Sherman joked over the weekend that he was “typing slowly.”)

This afternoon, as news that Ailes has been forced out of Fox News detonated, several media peers were quick to praise Sherman while bringing up that injury. The tweets are a remarkable capper to national affairs editor Sherman’s efforts, which greatly accelerated the downward momentum of Ailes and brought Rupert Murdoch back today from vacation in the south of France to address the Fox News troops.