Short Attacking Robert Redford Gets Minimal Coverage From Liberal-Leaning Outlets

You’d think that a short film taking Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford to task for a questionable Utah land deal would get its fair share of across-the-board media coverage. Especially when the short in question was unleashed to coincide with the final days of this year’s Park City event.

But save for some UK press as well as coverage at FOX News and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, there has been nary a peep so far from less right-leaning domestic media types about Phelim McAleer’s Robert Redford: Hypocrite. Are these folks perhaps afraid that writing something up will risk the loss of media accreditation for the 2012 edition?

Though only two minutes long, McAleer’s Redford short gets straight to the point. It questions the hypocrisy of the icon opposing the construction of eco-homes near his Napa winery but being fine with the sale of a dozen plots of land at $2 million each for similar McMansion development in the Sundance Preserve area. McAleer and co-director Ann McElhinney have also branded James Cameron an “eco-hypocrite” for the way he lives out in Malibu.