Here Lies a Journalist Who Used 3 Fantastic Pseudonyms

Longtime Bangkok Post columnist Robert Halliday was 74

Robert Halliday was 74.
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Granted, part of the reason the noms de plume favored by Robert “Bob” Halliday, a longtime columnist for the Bangkok Post who passed away over the weekend, sound so colorful is that they are of a different language. Nevertheless, it’s quite the obituary detail:

Known to his friends as Bob, he was a big-hearted man whose expertise included classical music, literature, cinema and Thai street food. A self-effacing man, he wrote about these subjects with humor, insight and flair under the quirky pseudonyms Ung-Aang Talay, Plalai Faifa and Jingjo Dam Na Buriram.

A true New York intellectual, Bob worked at the Library of Congress and wrote book reviews for the Washington Post in the 1960s. He corresponded with Samuel Beckett and dined with John Cage.

Halliday first visited Thailand during the Vietnam War, to work at refugee camps. He died May 27 due to complications from pneumonia. RIP.

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