Robert De Niro Testifies Against Former Salander-O’Reilly Gallery Director

This month marked the ongoing fallout of the Lawrence Salander gallery fiasco, wherein the man who was once considered the owner of the greatest art gallery in the world quickly became “the art world’s Bernie Madoff” and is now serving multiple years in prison. Recently, it was the director of the former gallery on trial, Leigh Morse, and one of the people who testified was actor Robert De Niro, brought up to discuss how Morse stole “$77,000 from the sale of two paintings from the estate of Robert De Niro Sr.” among many other things. While the New York Observer reports that her trial has been nothing of the angry circus that was Salander’s, the actor’s appearance on the stand was all the talk both inside and outside the courtroom. Here’s a bit:

Friday was Mr. De Niro’s show, and he knew it. He held his face in his hands, considered the questions, worked his jaw as he put forth his recollections. Asked by the prosecution to identify Ms. Morse, Mr. De Niro turned his right hand into a gun, thrust it at her and recoiled. Ms. Morse, a blond woman wearing a teal tunic and boots, hardly looked at him, though she was the only one in the room who wasn’t transfixed. His last words on the stand were an attempt to engage the defense lawyer without having been questioned: “I’m going to suggest …” The judge shook his head and signaled for him to stop. Mr. De Niro put up his hands as if to say “Whoops!” and smiled.