Rob Giampietro Is Summer Lovin’ Grouch

In a breezy piece for Design Observer that Dmitri Siegel calls “like Us magazine for designers,” Rob Giampietro introduces us to the typeface that better be loaded in your Suitcase this season. The Fonts of Summer” compares trends in type to that of the annual summer party hit that’s sure to rule beachbound boomboxes (okay, we know, that’s 1980, but iPod sounds so much less poetic).

Giampietro dubs ITC Grouch as the Font of Summer 2007 due to its various trendy appearances from American Apparel to Vitra to a catalog from the Walker Art Center. We simply love it, too–it epitomizes everything perfect about our lazy, nostalgia-soaked ideas of summer. Although we wonder…will this sudden change of font for American Apparel result in it being edited out of Helvetica?