Road Trip! The Shiner/Stanton Edition

At the end of the DNC in Charlotte, journalists jumped in planes, trains and automobiles to get the hell out of the Queen City. I was surprised by how many people actually sucked it up and made the roughly seven hour drive. One of them was Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner. She drove to Charlotte from DC and on the way back, picked up a few stragglers who made it through the convention. They were none other than BuzzFeed‘s Washington Bureau Chief, John Stanton and Roll Call‘s Abby Livingston. Shiner tells FBDC that  “I offered to help them out when they asked because we’re all friends, but also because I am a nice Midwestern girl and that’s what nice Midwestern girls do.”

Stanton kept us up to speed by tweeting details of the trip and they made their way North. It started out on a not-so-promising note, as Stanton tweeted, “Oh good. @meredithshiner is blasting fleetwood Mac and having dance party w/ @rollcallabby. May hurl myself from this moving car” It should be noted that Stanton’s Twitter avatar is the cover of “Banned in D.C.”, by the hardcore band, Bad Brains.

Things turned around, though. Stanton managed to grab a big bag of smoked bacon and tweeted this picture, saying, “You can’t buy this on the plane.” Stanton tells FBDC that, despite the musical differences, it was a lovely jaunt back home. “Actually Shiner introduced me to Cook-Out, an amazing burgers and and shakes place in North Carolina.” So, it wasn’t all bacon and easy listening? Stanton continued,  “I honestly couldn’t have asked for two better road companions. They made the seven hour trip fly by.”

The trio arrived home safe and sound and a relieved Stanton tweeted, “I love being home in DC just in time for a nice early fall evening. No offense, but Trampa and Charlotte can straight up suck it.”