Rick Hasen Demolishes Jeffrey Lord’s Claims of Voter Fraud in 9 Easy Tweets

"Lord is full of shit."

There has been a recent resurgence of spurious, unsubstantiated claims of the existence of serious voter fraud in this country, a trend likely owed to a combination of the Trump campaign’s penchant for spreading conspiracy theories and recent court decisions that have struck down voter ID laws in states like North Carolina and Wisconsin.

It was combating voter fraud, if you recall, that was the justification voter ID law proponents used to create onerous laws that in reality served largely to disenfranchise the groups most affected by those laws: poor and minority voters.

“The Wisconsin experience demonstrates that a preoccupation with mostly phantom election fraud leads to real incidents of disenfranchisement which undermine rather than enhance confidence in elections,” was how Judge James D. Peterson put it in a decision striking down parts of Wisconsin’s voter ID law.

But these realities are incidental to those who prefer to propagate conspiracies, bolstered by stories, headlines and chyrons that report their words, giving their nonsense, by virtue of allowing it to exist as unchecked premises, a false sense of legitimacy.

This has been changing recently with the mini-trend of the chyron with built-in fact-check as well as some reporter pushback.

And so it came to pass on Monday night, in an exchange on CNN Tonight between Brian Stelter and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord, in which Lord rehashed the idea that the election could be rigged, to which Stelter replied, “Please, please don’t do that to our viewers. Please don’t do that to our country at this moment in time.”

And batting cleanup the next day was Rick Hasen, professor of law and political science, Election Law Blog author, election law expert, election law casebook co-author–a man who clearly has facts and the sweep of voter history on his side, who shows in just nine tweets why Lord, to borrow Hasen’s phrasing from his final tweet of the series, “is full of shit.”