Richard Rogers Joins the Fight to Save Trees in Front of the Guardian‘s Headquarters


Some high profile tree saving environmentalism is going on in London right now, as a battle over the city’s mayor wanting to remove a series of trees in front of the Guardian‘s offices in order to develop the area into a retail marketplace has erupted. Many staffers from the newspaper, including their environmental editor, have signed on to help lend support to the movement to keep the trees in place. And now they’ve added mega-starchitect Richard Rogers to the list, as he believes the trees serve an important purpose:

Lord Rogers, chairman of the government’s Urban Task Force, said in a written statement: “The trees are beautiful and give shade, scale and life to a large and noisy street. They are also ecologically important. I strongly oppose their removal.”

…Green councillor Katie Dawson believed Lord Rogers’ statement would add extra clout to the campaign. She said: “The last application by developers to Islington Council was turned down, not because of the trees, but due to overdensity of the project.

“The developer has to re-submit the application and we’re hoping that, with all the opposition, he’ll decide against removing the trees.”