Richard Rogers Issued Stop Work Order for Renovations on His Own Home


It’s one thing to try slipping a construction project in at your home without the proper permits. It’s something else entirely if you also happen to one of the world’s best known architects. Such is the case with Richard Rogers, who was just slapped with a stop work order on renovations and water damage restorations to his massive, £12 million house in London after it was discovered that he hadn’t filed everything deemed necessary by the government. In particular, because his home is more than 150 years-old, the Telegraph reports that it is required that he have something called a Listed Building Consent (pdf), which serves as a kind of historical preservation, making sure any renovations use authentic-looking building materials to maintain the original facade. A spokeswoman for Rogers has said the project started off as simply minor renovations, until it was discovered how much water damage the building had suffered over the years and quickly became something much larger, thus leading to this “potentially embarrassing” oversight. Thus far, it looks like all will be taken care of, Rogers will get his Consent without issue, and work will resume shortly.