To Have and Have Knot

It’s easy to be mistaken for Rex Reed’s wife. All you have to do is… glow.

In his look back today at the many shining lights we lost in 2014, Reed revisits a turning point in his friendship with neighbor Lauren Bacall. One that remains laugh-out-loud hilarious:

No longer sultry and glamorous like the siren who lit up 1940s film noirs, she could be thorny and difficult, acting like a self-centered dowager when her limo blocked the basement entrance to the Dakota apartments in the dark days following the murder of fellow neighbor John Lennon, but everything changed the night I asked her to appear with me onstage at an event to raise money for charity.

The clueless driver who arrived to pick us up greeted her with “Let me help you, Mrs. Reed.” I held my breath, fearing the beginning of World War III, but she laughed all night. Thereafter, when she was home-bound with a broken hip and her acting career behind her, I walked her dog Sophie and made her a quart of pineapple sorbet. Every thank-you note was always signed, “Mrs. Reed.”

If the stories Reed is “saving” for the March 26 Broadway memorial tribute to Polly Bergen are anywhere near as good (and we have a feeling they are), it should be just the send-off he is hoping for. Read the rest of his twinkling 2014 adieus here.

[Photo of Bacall at October 2000 New York premiere of Dr. T and the Women: Featureflash/]

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