Revolving Door: Weston Naef Hangs Up His Hat as Getty Curator

A big name who fits squarely in the middle of a photograph and museum venn diagram has decided to exit the stage. Weston Naef, long-time curator of the Getty Museum‘s photography collection has announced that he will be retiring in January. His career helped build up the museum’s collection by leaps and bounds in his two decades there and holds the legacy of bringing in work from most of the world’s most famous photographers.

Mr. Naef moved to the Getty from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1984 after the Getty boldly announced its intentions in the field of photography by acquiring several of the most important photography collections still in private hands. (Mr. Naef and the photos arrived literally at the same time: he served as a courier, accompanying 60 crates holding 18,000 images on an overnight freighter flight to Los Angeles.)