Revolving Door: Ex-Google Designer Douglas Bowman Moves to Twitter

If you were wondering where ex-Google designer Douglas Bowman would head next after his widely-circulated blog post about his former company’s design issues, you need wait no longer, as the rumors wound up being true and this past month’s most talked about web celebrity has taken a job with Twitter. Bowman will be taking on the role as the company’s creative director, meaning he’ll be the main guy in charge of picking out what shades of blue things should be. Here’s a bit from BusinessWeek:

Bowman will replace [Biz Stone], who was acting as Twitter’s creative director. “The Twitter Web page looks pretty simple,” says Stone. “But from our perspective the design needs a lot of work.”

This is a great hire for Twitter, and more proof that Twitter has replaced Facebook as the tech industry’s hottest startup. Bowman probably could have joined Facebook if he wanted. But the talented designer, who used to work at Wired News, clearly sees a bigger opportunity at Twitter, not only from a design perspective but perhaps from a monetary one as well.