Revolving Door: Another Day, Another Big Exit as Director Joan Rosenbaum Announces Leave from The Jewish Museum

Yesterday we posted the news that the Andy Warhol Museum‘s longtime director, Tom Sokolowski, had announced that he was stepping down from the role. A day later and already we now have another high-profile exit at another large institution (three this week and we get the hat trick). After 30 years at New York’s The Jewish Museum, Joan Rosenbaum has announced that she will be leaving next year at the end of June. Far less mysterious than Sokolowski’s exit (even if that just lasted a day), though occurring for largely the same reasons, it appears that Rosenbaum just decided it was time to hang up her hat. In a much longer-than-usual press release announcing her departure, the museum lays out the whole of her accomplishments while in the role, from her coming aboard in 1981 to her growing their finances to additions to their building to beefing up the collection into “one of the three finest of its kind in the world.” So we think it’s safe to say that Rosenbaum’s exit likely isn’t very acrimonious. Here’s her statement:

“I feel 30 years is a very good run for any museum director. I am now ready to take on new projects, having had the education of a lifetime at The Jewish Museum. I have learned from each new exhibition and acquisition and have gathered a world of invaluable experience from a wise and devoted Board and a brilliantly talented staff. Now is the time for a new generation to build on the success we’ve achieved together.”