Reuters Sent Memo to Employees Regarding Social Media Guidelines During Election Night

Since social media is a constant part of our lives, soon it’ll be hard to imagine an election without its presence, right?

As such, it’s no surprise that media giants like Reuters reminded staffs about social media rules during election night. As pointed out by JimRomenesko, the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post recently sent reminders and as per his site yesterday, Reuters was the latest employer to issue a reminder as well.

According to the memo from their global editor of ethics and standards, it reminded employees to “exercise caution on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.” In essence, it welcomed employees’ participation but pointed out a premature message about a candidate’s victory before the race has been decided is so not cool.

And a tweet or retweet leaning toward one candidate over another may raise questions about their campaign coverage and “our dedication to accuracy, fairness and freedom from bias.”

The memo continued to point out a rule from their handbook which is technically a good reminder for all of us: “Before you tweet or post, consider how what you’re doing will reflect on your professionalism and our collective reputation.”