Return of the weeHouse: The Lil’est Prefab That Could


Remember when you were reading about the weeHouse all the time, a couple of years back? It’s that prefabricated, 14 by 24-foot house, designed by Alchemy Architects, that you could just purchase and they’d drop it off wherever you’d like. Ringing any bells? Well, it’s been four years since it first made a splash, and the Star Tribune, over in Minneapolis-St.Paul, is catching back up with the story, talking about what’s been going on with the company and reporting on the installation of two new weeHouses in the same area where it all began. It’s a really interesting read. Here’s a bit about one of the new ones:

In less than 30 minutes the huge crane lifted the first module, turned it and set it in place, then did the same for the second. “It was instantaneous change,” said Ed Burke, the firm’s owner.

That doesn’t mean the rooftop weeHouse is ready for use. Workers still need to build cabinetry, a stairway and a deck and replace one window. And two major problems must be solved. The weeHouse was delivered without the expected insulation in the floor, so the in-floor radiant heat might not work. And the electrical system is 15 amps instead of the 20 required for commercial use.