Respectability Through Links

The Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drum writes briefly about Jay Rosen’s recent championing of the Washington Post over the New York Times, but says that “Who’s #1?” is becoming–and will continue to become–less and less of an issue. In Drum’s mind, the future will be less concerned with which paper is “best” (or even more read) and more concerned with which paper gets linked to by major blogs and websites.

It’s an interesting and under-discussed topic and Drum’s got a task for any eager beavers out there.

    Basically I just want the news. I end up linking to interesting stories regardless of where they’re from, and I haven’t noticed a change lately in which paper I link to most often. (I link to the LA Times more than most bloggers, but that’s because it’s the one I read in newsprint every morning.)

    So here’s an assignment for some aspiring PhD candidate: track the linking behavior of political blogs to the mainstream press over the past two or three years. Has it changed? Do we link less to the NYT than in the past? Has the advent of TimesSelect actually made a difference? We need facts and figures, baby, fact and figures!