Reports: Vice May Sell Major Stake to Time Warner

Publisher might get $2.2 billion valuation

Vice could be suiting up to further embrace corporate culture. Sky News and the Financial Times both reported that the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based media player may be selling a large stake to Time Warner.

Talks between the two companies reportedly now estimate Shane Smith's company at $2.2 billion. With 129 million monthly views across its print, digital and broadcast channels, it's probably not a shocking dollar amount. At the same time, the figure is almost $1 billion more than last year's $1.4 billion valuation, which was done when the publication sold a small 5 percent claim to 21st Century Fox.

Time Warner and Vice have worked together in the past, including a CNN and Vice deal back in 2010. Its news show is currently on HBO, which is also owned by the conglomerate. 

Sky News added that one possible outcome is that Time Warner would integrate its HLN network with Vice in exchange for half of the millennial-targeted enterprise. At CNN's Upfront presentation this year, the news conglomerate touted HLN as a fresh social media network for millennials. Adding Vice's cool factor would help it stay in line with the mission.