Reporters Battle It Out on Capitol Hill

From The Hill:

    The tug of war for prime office space is one of Washington’s oldest contact sports. So, with thousands of square feet of territory opening up in the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC), it’s no surprise that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) last year found herself refereeing a turf war.

    What was unusual was that the combatants were the reporters who usually cover her.

    Print reporters were irritated by the vast new acreage in the CVC granted to the Radio and Television Gallery. The newspaperman who chairs the Daily Press Gallery went so far as to buttonhole Pelosi after a rally last fall to complain that the print media had been left behind in the land rush.

    Even after the Speaker negotiated a truce by ceding some of her own real estate to create 37 more spaces for all reporters, mistrust and suspicion lingers among the four “galleries” of reporters, jokingly referred to as “the four families” by one House aide.

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