Reporter Zones in on POTUS Keeping Warm


Tribune’s Mike Memoli, who is on Pool duty today, seems overly concerned about President Obama wearing his winter clothes. Is he going to scold him? For the sticklers among you, the following material is taken from two different morning Pool Reports:

POTUS deplaned at 11:44, again no gloves or hat, followed by Michigan’s senior Sen. Carl Levin. He was greeted on tarmac by Marquette Mayor John Kivela. The two chatted, POTUS’ hands in his pockets in the single-digit weather.

Marine One touched down at Andrews approx 9:35 am. POTUS, wearing overcoat but no hat or gloves, on AF1 5 minutes later, followed by staff including Jarrett , Sutphen, Mastromonaco, and Gibbs, making his final flight as press secretary.

AF1 rolling, with a flight time of just over 2 hrs from Andrews to Marquette, where the temp is said to be in single digits with a wind chill of -19. Pool fondly remembering travel pool in Hawaii just over a month ago.