Report: Times to Launch Lunchtime Web Video Show

The New York Times wants to break into the online video market, according to a report by AOL’s Daily Finance (via Romenesko). Presumably, the idea is to capture some of the eyeballs that stare vacantly into their computer monitors over a $5 foot-long.

Citing “sources familiar with the planning,” Daily Finance says the Times will roll out the lunchtime video this spring:

The show, which could debut as soon as a month from now, will be produced on the fourth floor of the Times‘s offices and air around lunchtime EST, when consumption of online video peaks.

The report didn’t reveal other details, like who will to appear on camera, or what format the show will take. We only know one thing for sure: If the Times wants to reach sandwich munching office drones, it’ll show Maureen Dowd at Kung Fu tryouts and Paul Krugman lip-synching to the “Numa Numa” song.