Report of Dangerous Tree at White House


Isaac Wolf, a national investigative and enterprise reporter for Scripps Howard News Service, might have had a boring 4th of July had it not been for a cordoned off walkway near the briefing room entrance of the White House.

In a weekend Pool Report, he noted an officer’s concern for a potentially foreboding tree and advice for Wolf gaining notoriety.

Not major news but of note: WH walkway north of briefing room
entrance  (near pebble beach) is being cordoned off, on concern a tree
may fall. Officer said to your pooler: “if this tree falls on you,
you’ll make the news.”

One worker here — apparently from the National Park Service — said
the damage is from the heavy storm; much foliage seen this morning on
the WH front lawn. That has been cleared, as of shortly before 11 am.

Wolf told FishbowlDC that he only does pool duty a few times a year whenever their main pool reporter Bart Sullivan taps him. Asked if the tree was really the most exciting moment of his 4th, he replied, “Cheesy answer, but the whole day has been fun. I only get pool duty a couple times a year, so I always consider it a treat. The White House photo/video guys are a funny bunch, so even sitting around with them, waiting for something to happen, it’s a good time.”

On POTUS’ typical weekend golf game, he explained, “When the golf outing was canceled after everyone (except the President) was in the motorcade, one of the photogs joked that we had just witnessed the shortest round of golf in White House history. No idea if it’s true, but that’s what I’m telling my buddies.”

And that dangerous tree? “No info on what will happen with the tree or other White House landscaping matters.”