Renzo Piano Okays Changes to Keep People Off the NY Times Building

Rare is the time that most any creative person doesn’t mind receiving a call from their client asking if it’s okay for them to alter some piece of their vision and hard work. But such is the case with Renzo Piano who gave the thumbs up to the NY Times to take down the series of rods at the base of their new building, the ones a whole series of troublesome climbers have been using to help start their ascents to the top of the tower (where they have getting cuffed by the police and thrown in an elevator to look forward to). Here’s a bit:

Mr. Piano, who designed the 52-story tower in Midtown Manhattan, said he was “totally in agreement” about the need for the adjustments, which include removing the rods closest to the base of the building and installing permanent glass panels to hinder people from climbing onto the glass canopies around the building and then onto the rods.

The final scope of the alterations has not yet been determined, Mr. Piano said in a telephone interview from Sicily, where he was on vacation, but the changes will probably occur over the next few weeks.

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