Reed Krakoff Picks a Fight

(Rebecca Greenfield).jpgHas the constant tussling with counterfeiters finally gotten to Coach creative director Reed Krakoff? According to Publishers Lunch, Krakoff has just signed a deal to author a book about the pugilists of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Entitled Fighter, the book will be filled with black-and-white photographs and interviews that showcase the fierce athleticism of UFC fighters as well as “their suprising sensitivity and grace.”

Viking Studio plans to publish Fighter this fall, but we couldn’t wait that long to learn more about the UFC. After a bit of research, we learned that after its 1993 entry to the U.S. from Brazil as a “professional mixed martial arts organization,” the UFC reorganized in 2001 to become “a highly organized and controlled combat sport.” And although we’re not exactly sure what that entails, mark our words: by the end of the year, every UFC fighter will have swapped his old regulation gloves for a supple leather pair that close with a twist of a Bonnie Cashin-designed toggle.