Redstate Digs up WaPo Writer’s Criminal History

As it happens, WaPo‘s Stephanie McCrummen has an alleged criminal past. She’s the reporter who wrote about GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry‘s “Niggerhead” hunting camp that has gained traction nationwide.

A story on today by Colorado attorney Mike Robinson connects the dots to provide justice for Perry by discrediting the reporter. The charges he dug up on the reporter range from writing a hot check to multiple instances of speeding and not paying the fines.

Robinson says the publication owes Perry an apology and questions WaPo‘s journalistic standards. He also refused to write out the full name of the hunting ground in his piece, calling it offensive. “As you can see from this simple outline of Ms. Stephanie McCrummen’s past, under the Post’s journalistic standards, it is pretty easy to throw mud on someone even if they didn’t do anything truly wrong. Over the years, the journalistic standards of the Washington Post have fallen into a death spiral of innuendo and name calling, as seen in McCrummen’s ni**erhead story. They can create guilt out of thin air as we have in the public records concerning the Post Staff Writer in question. The Post should quit its despicable methodology of reporting the news. For now, Ms. McCrummen and the Post owe Governor Perry an apology.”

We’ve requested comment from WaPo. They’ve declined to comment.