Redesigned Fortune No Longer Partying Like Its 1999

Fortune.jpgWhat’s an established business magazine to do when a slick new Conde Nast competitor (i.e., Portfolio) enters the market? Redesign! On the heels of BusinessWeek‘s mid-October spruce-up comes a fresher look for Fortune, which premiers in the December 10th issue. This is the magazine’s first redesign in a decade. “It looked like a 1990s magazine, but now it’s easier to navigate, there is more white space and it fits in the right decade,” Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer told WWD. Unlike BusinessWeek, which relied on an outside firm (Modernista), Fortune‘s redesign was an inside job, led by the magazine’s design director Bob Perino.’s Jason Fell breaks it down:

Some of the new elements include: expanded editorial pillars such as Technology, Management, Investing, and Luxury, all with a cast of dedicated specific columnists; color-coded editorial navigation; a redesigned table of contents; new typefaces including Whitman, Benton, and Popular; and a “touched up” cover logo a Fortune|Money Group spokesperson says. “The cover has really been evolving over the last six months into the sleeker look we have now.”

It may be sleeker, but we still don’t think it can compete with Portfolio‘s December cover illustration: a sage-looking monkey chewing thoughtfully on the Financial Times.