Red (But Not Commented On) America

This morning, we pointed out some basic PR strategies that Jim Brady could have implemented to blunt the criticism over Red America.

Here’s one more: Why doesn’t Red America allow comments? Didn’t they learn their lesson the first time around?

Dana Milbank says he is “underwhelmed by the hysteria” over Red America, but he does agree with at least part of our morning assessment:

    What I don’t understand (although I haven’t inquired) is why the website couldn’t recruit somebody with more stature to do the job. This city is crawling with good conservative journalists with lots of heft. Domenech may be a smart fellow, but he’s 24 years old and tells Kurtz “I’m not a journalist.” I think that makes him the only “blogger” on the site who’s not a journalist.

AMERICABlog has discovered the (fictitious, so relax…) list of blogs the Post plans on unveiling next week:

    * We’re winning in Iraq blog
    * I hate Muslims blog
    * The ex-gay blog
    * George Bush, competent leader blog
    * Hillary the lesbian, blog
    * Bob Woodward’s ethics blog
    * Fred Hiatt’s “The Art of War” blog
    * The ongoing success that is Katrina, blog
    * The successful search for WMD in Iraq blog
    * How Saddam planned 9/11 blog
    * George Bush, a popular president, blog
    * Tom Delay’s “the bitch set me up” blog
    * Terri Schiavo, messages from the great beyond, blog