Fish Food

(A sprinkling of things we think you ought to know…)

Wonkette is now just a 40-year-old woman’s diary– Politico‘s Patrick Gavin has a story that puts a happy, smiley face on just how terrible Wonkette has become. Gavin’s piece brings up all the cool things Wonkette once had — fearless D.C. gossip, tabloid-worthy photos from the Capitol’s social scene, good writing, etc. — and reminds readers that you won’t find those things on the blog anymore. The features that made Wonkette fun to read have, instead, been replaced by “the occasional heartfelt rant from Schoenkopf about, say, gun control or the tornadoes in Oklahoma.” Now it’s a “national” site, according to its editor and owner, Rebecca Schoenkopf, who lives in Los Angeles. By “national,” Schoenkopf means she picks up on little news bits coming out of various statehouses across the country and mocks it with humor typical of high school freshmen who shop at Hot Topic. Curiously, Gavin also writes that under Schoenkopf, “long past are those very public and nasty feuds with Washington politicos.” This, even though it was just in January that Schoenkopf called FishbowlDC’s editor “a fucking cunt” with “cunt” being in the headline before that mysteriously disappeared. Not quite the creativity or intelligence that the blog’s founder Ana Marie Cox was known for.

WTF? with Matthew Lewis– The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Lewis has an item rightfully noting that media feuding is mutually beneficial to both sides of the battle, driving traffic to websites, viewers to TV shows and listeners to radio programs. “It’s not enough to talk about the news,” Lewis writes. “Today, you’ve got to be the news.” True enough, and even a little profound. But here’s how the piece ends: “Come to think of it, is this really all that different from colonial newspapers or pamphlets?” WTF? How should we know? None of us were around to read them. Can we get a link to one, Matt? In what ways are colonial newspapers and pamphlets like media fights today? Were both printed on off-white paper in the same typeface? We need answers, Matt!

WaPo squeezes all of D.C.’s worst into one story– D.C. is full of pretty girls who, one way or another, manage to get their names on the list of every charity event and gala the city has to offer. Readers could easily fall into a sugar coma after reading any one of their sticky-sweet blogs, which document their experiences at multiples parties, often times within the same evening. But WaPo Magazine readers may end up actually hospitalized after reading a story by Cathy Alter that crams each one of these pretty girls into one article. The story profiles the pink and puffy partying lives of Kate Michael of K Street Magazine, Andrea Rogers of Ask Miss A (which may no longer be featuring plus-sized clothing) and Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch. The story’s only redeeming quality is that it notes how each one of these gals refuses to acknowledge that they all do essentially the same thing: gallivant around D.C. as socialite princesses. Oh, there’s also this eloquent quote by Michael describing part of her news judgement process: “No one cares about some Joe Schmo at a fundraiser for breast cancer.” We’re not sure about that. People with breast cancer might care.