Rebecca Schoenkopf: “I Would Very Much Like to be Editor”

scshoenkas.jpgWhen last we spoke to Rebecca Shoenkopf, she had just landed a nice lil’ gig as Arts Editor of CityBeat. A week later, she’s running the joint.

Steve Lowery, the former OC Weekly editor who took over as CityBeat ed, quit after just one week on the job.

We caught up with Commie Girl to ask her, you know, WTF?

When did you find out about this? Steve let me know Thursday afternoon, and I was sad! I got a call from Charles, the publisher, the same night, and then hashed things out with Southland Publishing’s president Friday evening and accepted the job.

You’ve been named acting editor. Would you like to be editor-editor? I very much would like to be editor-editor. And so I will just make them a beautiful newspaper and then they would be morons not to keep me.

Why did Steve leave? Steve left for exactly the reasons he said: he just is burned out on journalism.

OMG how excited are you? OMG superexcited! I think you’ll like this Thursday’s paper, but I have to go now to write an editorial, which will be difficult because I haven’t read a paper in a week and a half. I’ve been busy.