Correspondent Gets Noticed

The interview featuring a testy Matt Damon during last week’s “Save Our Schools” rally is making the rounds. One thing that sticks out from the video apart from Damon’s angry, bald head, at least according to one of our watchful readers, is the attractiveness of correspondent Michelle Fields.

The D.C. libertarian crowd has a reputation of looking a little rough around the edges. “This lady, though … yowzer! She’s the most enticing thing in libertarianism since Atlas Shrugged became available on audiobook,” our reader gushes, adding that he’d Google her but that “seems a little creepy. Probably best I just know what carbonated beverage she’d like to be.” (This is a reference to a question in our Friday FishbowlDC interview. Who knows? We’ll see what we can arrange.) is home to The Drew Carey Project and features freedom stories. Watch the video here.