Afternoon Reading List 09.13.13.

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t have any Native American friends: Off the top of his head, Rush Limbaugh can’t think of anyone who might be offended by the controversial team name of the Washington Redskins, according to an article written by Brian Powell of Media Matters. On Sept. 12th, on his radio show, Limbaugh complained about the attacks being made on the Redskins and declared that they’re being manufactured by the left to create controversy where none exists.

Why you should read this article: Who doesn’t love reading about good ol’ Rush being Rush? He’s become an institution of crazed rants, and this latest sounds just as absurd as Rush can be.  It would probably be more of a story if he actually had something insightful and illuminating to say (for once).

Fox News host to host Fox News: HuffPost reported yesterday that Shep Smith will be the new managing editor overseeing its new breaking news division.  He will also continue to host his 3 p.m. show, which will get its own facelift, as it will be renamed “Shepard Smith Reporting” and move into a new studio.

Why you should read this article: Nobody likes change. They claim to, but they really don’t. Shep claims he’s on board with this switcharoo, and he might very well be, but what about his fans? Who’s going to explain this wild change to all of those little old ladies in the Sun City, Florida nursing home?  Not Shep, that’s for sure.

Jump to Disney’s terrifying new lawsuit/movie…

Horror movie filmed at Disney?: There isn’t anything more terrifying than the animatronics at Disneyland, except of course a horror movie secretly filmed at Disney. Yesterday, Mother Jones reporter Asawin Suebsaeng wrote an article that details the growing popularity of a twisted tale called “Escape From Tomorrow” that was filmed pretty much entirely illegally from inside Disneyland, without the proper permission from the Walt Disney Company.

Why you should read this article: The movie may be the live action version of a Conan-era Simpson’s episode, but check out the trailer.  It makes the Itchy and Scratchy land episode (where the animatronics come alive and attack Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) look like a walk in a flowery meadow.  Give it a look-see and ruin your childhood by checking out the trailer!